Mas.961 Special Topics Seminar on Deep Engagement:
an exploration into principles, creative methods and techniques for evaluation
Assignment due 9/20
When was the last time you experienced deep engagement? Was it when reading a book? watching a movie? listening to music? creating a composition? or playing a game? What attributes do you feel distinguish with deep engagement from some other level of engagement? What matters more in the experience: the material you are connecting with? the dynamics of your interaction? your relationship with the material? Is it more likely you will engage deeply if you are doing something with other people? alone? Does learning play a role in generating this quality engagement? Is time a factor?

The goal of this assignment is to develop a collective vocabulary that we can use when we discuss the nature and quality of human engagement. This vocabulary will be most general and resiliant if it draws from a diverse group of examples. Therefore we have framed the assignment in three parts:

1) write a short narrative describing a personal experience that engaged you deeply. Be as specific as possible about your memory of relevant sensations

2) seek out 2 games, movies or other media experiences this week and compare them.

3) from the above, proposed list of attributes that you think are relevant to deep engagement. Which elements are most important. Be prepared to champion one attribute on your list.