Mas.961 Special Topics Seminar on Deep Engagement:
an exploration into principles, creative methods and techniques for evaluation
Assignment due 10/04
We would like the class to begin thinking about how you could discover, measure, and evaluate work relative to deep engagement. Given your metrics for deep engagement, that you have already evolved, describe how you might adapt or measure them under the following circumstances:

1) You are responsible for the design and release of a new video-game title. The company is looking for large audience appeal. What type of evaluation do you think would be appropriate to determine if it might become a hit.

2) You are on a cirriculum team developing a course for learning basic concepts in a field (8. 01, 18.02, 6.001). What metrics do you think are most relevant to determining how the course design might be improved.

3) You are making an artwork or demo that you want to use to engage a broad diverse audience. What metrics do you apply to an evaluation of this work. What are your preferred ways of gaining feedback?

4) discuss attributes that you think would be most important in terms of stimulating you to have a long term relationship with a robot.

You can respond as a team or individually.