Mas.961 Special Topics Seminar on Deep Engagement:
an exploration into principles, creative methods and techniques for evaluation
Assignment due 10/11
With this assignment, you will begin to frame an experiment that enables you to identify and measure engagement relative to a particular activity.You will need to frame a hypothesis about deep engagement that you would like to explore and consider what empirical data you think you need to acquire in order substantiate your hypothesis. You should plan to work in groups of two or three. Suggestions for activities include but are not limited to: a video game, Mary Farbood's Hyperscore, an interactive installation, a sport etc. The focus should be to develop an experiment that you think will allow you to say something new about the phenomenon, the structure that encourages it and/or its effect. As you frame the proposal, think about the best way to aquire/measure information about the state of the participant. How you would evaluate this data to say something qualitative and quantitative about the participant's state of engagement?

Please post your proposal on the wiki. We will discuss these initial ideas next week before Roz arrives. Perhaps some of you will want to ask Roz about particular technologies that you could use to measure engagement.