Mas.961 Special Topics Seminar on Deep Engagement:
an exploration into principles, creative methods and techniques for evaluation
Assignment due 11/08
For this week's assignment, the class should revise their proposals based on last Tuesday's feedback and discussion.

Questions to answer from last week's readings on "funology".

1. What is the relationship that you see between deep engagement and fun? Does one subsume the other? Are they separate experiences?

2. Several of the readings discussed theories of emotions/affect, their interaction with cognition, and how they pertain to designing fun experiences. Summarize some of these arguments, and then discuss how such theories might pertain to designign deeply engaging experiences.

3. Several of the readings discussed the relationship between usability and fun. For instance, in the Don Norman interview, he discusses that the design challenge is not just to make something usable, but desireable. Summarize these views and discuss what issues you would consider in order to design something that is desireable. What does this entail with respect to quality of experience (e.g. physical, social, psychological, ideological), and user needs (goal achievement, stimulation, self-identification, etc.).