Mas.961 Special Topics Seminar on Deep Engagement:
an exploration into principles, creative methods and techniques for evaluation
Assignment due 11/15
[1] To discuss improvements to your final project proposals and the Funology readings that Cynthia forwarded to you a couple of weeks ago. These readings should now be posted on the wiki.

[2] Fun is one of those ideas/states of being that is far ranging and hard to pin down. My sense is that we should direct our discussion toward creating a feature space for fun rather like the spaces you created early on in the class for deep engagement. What are some metrics for measurement?

For fun, I am attaching a Vision and Views editorial that ran in Multimedia Magazine in 1998. The editorial presents the findings/inventions created in a Workshop on fun as a focus for application development that Maureen Thomas and I ran in Sweden about fun. All the participants joined me in creating the report. You may enjoy the flashback.

[3] If there is time, I would like to briefly touch on the following:

1) the potential effects of expanded sensory perception channels (haptic, smell etc) and how these channels might affect engagement.

2) reconnect with Tod's lecture -- artists always push boundaries, try to create something that has never been experienced before; what happens when what is novel become ordinary