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A. Arjan Schütte
MS Degree, '98




Every morning, when Arjan wakes up, he blinks the gum away from his eyes and stares bleakly at the cold, cold world. It occurs to him that something has changed, perhaps that he left some of himself behind. Bleary eyed he wanders and wonders how to leave no trace of himself.

Patina (1997-1998)
Spelunk! (1997)
Tribune (1997)
IC Site (1996-1998)
DreamWorld (1996)
Kidsroom (1996)

Schütte AA (1998).
PATINA: layering a history-of-use on digital objects.
MIT MS Thesis.

Lachman R; Schütte, A (1997).
[Installation] Presented at Interval Workshop, Palo Alto, CA, July.

Intille S; Baird F; Schütte A; et. al. (1996).
The Kidsroom: A Perceptually-Based Interactive and Immersive Story Environment.
IC Technical Report.