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David Tames
MS Degree, '96




David joined the Interactive Cinema Group in 1992 as Technical Instructor for a one-year term, after which he was hooked and stayed on to work on an M.S. degree.

Before joining MIT David worked for Apple Computer in San Francisco and is a graduate of The University of Florida.

An avid cinematographer, David's experience includes feature films and short subjects. He has contributed as Lighting Director or Videographer on many IC productions, including:

Wheel of Life
The Files of Dr. Bern
Agent Stories
Just One Catch
Viewpoints On Demand
Museum Movie

Tames, D (1996).
Some Assembly Required: Cinematic Knowledge-Based Reconstruction of Structured Video Sequences.
MIT MS Thesis.

Tames D (1995).
Dynamic Presentation of Structured Video Sequences.
IC Technical Report.

Tames D (1995).
Some Assembly Required.
IC Technical Report.