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Freedom Baird
MS Degree, '97




Freedom Baird hails from New York, the Big City of Dreams, where her 7th grade math teacher wore polyester shirts with the top button open. She is obsessed with cataloging her life and personal culture, and representing them as media, digital or otherwise, before a devout if fickle fan-base.

Her personal history is riddled with the artifacts of time and activity--some jagged, some unexpectedly smooth--which she plans to render computationally and apply as a filter to the aforementioned catalog and/or fan-base. At the Media Lab, she develops systems that make animated video expression accessible and meaningful to the layperson.

Jerome B. Wiesner



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The Un/Real Duet: Intimacy & Agency through Interaction with a Virtual Character.
MIT MS Thesis.

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Tilting at a Dreamer's Windmills: Gesture-Based Constructivist Interaction with Character.
Consciousness Reframed Conference, July.

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