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Mark Halliday
MS Degree, '94



Mark "Bloody Right" Halliday, of that famous vaudville and new media production team Evans & Halliday, came to IC after co-writing and co-directing a feature film entitled "Just Like In The Movies." Mark's love is film, but his passion is cars, especially classic high performance cars. This is probably why he reportedly once installed a 350 hp 1968 Ford turbo into a 16mm Arri BL camera. Although it was too heavy for hand held work, no other camera could beat it going from 0 to 60. Mark's talents have appeared in IC projects such as:

IC Portrait

Endless Conversation

Elastic Boston

Stairway to Nowhere

Just One Catch

Train of Thought (thesis project).

Halliday M (1993).
Digital Cinema: An Environment for Multi-Threaded Stories.
MIT MS Thesis.

Davenport G; Evans R; Halliday M (1993).
Orchestrating Digital Micromovies.
Leonardo, vol.26, no.4, 1993, pp.283-8. USA.