Mas.845 Special Topics in Cinematic Storytelling
Spring 2007
Units 2-0-7
(H) Level Grad Credit
Tuesdays 10am - noon; E15-235
Instructor: Glorianna Davenport
Guest lecturers: Jacqueline Karaaslanian, Edward Shen, Hyun-Yeul Lee, Barbara Barry and others
Course Description:
Storytelling is widely recognized as a fundamental mode of human communication. Story creation involves the restructuring of temporal experience, of events and actions associated with a life-lived. Stories-told provide us with a privileged insight not only into our own history but into the history of our environment and the things contained there in. By their nature, narratives involve the compression of time. Through the selection of actions and events, narrative telling creates its perspective by means of discontinuity, omission and juxtaposition. In this seminar, we explore digital forms and storyteller systems can enhance the process of collecting story materials and enhancing story engagement. The course is roughly divided into three parts:

Part 1: Learning stories: life experience, time, space, telling & sharing
Part 2: The cinematic sequence: defining the moment; framing; sound & light; structure
Part 3: Distributed digital story environments issues of time, continuity, participation and interpretation

Course Requirements:
Participation in class discussion. Construction of a personal learning story and development of 2 prototype storyteller projects.