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Lee Morgenroth
MS Degree, '95
BS Degree, '92




Lee "Mad Max" Morgenroth challenges Dave Kung for being in Interactive Cinema the longest. Lee also started as a young and tender UROP, working for Thomas Aguierre-Smith on the Homer and Stratagraph projects. When he is not buying one-way tickets to odd places on the globe, he is thinking about buying one-way tickets to odd places on the globe. His design contributions are seen in: Wheel of Life, The Files of Dr. Bern, and Lurker, his thesis project.

Morgenroth L; Lachman, R; Davenport G (1996).
Lurker" (live run).
[Installation] Exploding Cinema, 25th International Film Festival. Rotterdam.

Morgenroth L (1995).
Movies, Talkies, Thinkies: An Experimental Form of Interactive Cinema.
MIT MS Thesis.

Morgenroth L, Davenport G (1995).
Lurker: A Thinkie for the Society of Audience,
IC Technical Report.

Davenport G; Morgenroth L (1994).
Video Database Design: Convivial Storytelling Tools.
IC Technical Report, April 1994.

Morgenroth L; Davenport G (1994).
Let's See That Again: A Multiuse Video Database Project.
IC Technical Report.

Morgenroth L (1992).
Homer: A Video Story Generator.
MIT BS Thesis.